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Published By Rita Ude on April 02, 2016

The April edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter is now available! Below are descriptions of two articles you can find in the edition:

Baby boomers think of themselves as healthier than previous generations. Think again, boomers! Studies suggest that while they are likely to live longer than their parents, the boomers will need more care support in their later years. It’s important to discuss this topic with adult children sooner rather than later. For a pep talk to get you started, read “Ensuring Care for Aging Baby Boomers: Solutions at Hand.”

“I’m perfectly safe talking on the phone while I’m driving. It’s just the same as chatting with a passenger.” You hear people say that, but is it true? Read some startling statistics in Survey: Nearly 60 percent of seniors use cell phones while driving."

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