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Infographic: 8 Tips for a Better Doctor Appointment
Published By Right at Home on August 04, 2020

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, physicians, patients and family caregivers are partners in care, working together to best manage health conditions and make decisions about treatments. Here are ways to make the most of a doctor visit. (Note: During the COVID-19 crisis, doctor offices and clinics are taking extra precautions to keep patients safe. Call ahead to find out if another person can accompany you to your appointment at this time.)

One of the above tips is to bring a list of your medications with you to your doctor appointment. To make this easier, you can create a list of all your prescribed and over-the-counter medications using Right at Home’s Medication List—just fill in the blanks on the one-page form.

Which screenings and immunizations are recommended for older adults? Find an overview in “Don’t Forget Preventive Care” in the Right at Home blog.

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