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national cancer survivor day
Published By Beth Lueders on June 02, 2016

Cancer affects all of us, whether we are one of approximately 39 percent of men and women in America who will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lifetime or we know someone already diagnosed with the disease. With increased oncology research and advancements in early detection and treatment, cancer is no longer automatically winning the survival battle.

Each year on the first Sunday in June, National Cancer Survivors Day® honors the millions of courageous individuals who beat cancer. A cancer survivor is a person living with a history of the disease from initial diagnosis through the rest of his or her life. In 1987, the year National Cancer Survivors Day originated, 56 percent of all American cancer patients lived beyond their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Today, the cancer survival rate is about 68 percent or more than 14.5 million Americans and is expected to reach almost 19 million by 2024.

June 5, 2016, marks the 29th annual event as a day that honors cancer survivors and brings to attention the challenges of surviving the more than 100 types of cancer. The celebration also shows that life after cancer can enrich survivors with rewarding experiences, deeper relationships and inspiring, purposeful living. The nonprofit National Cancer Survivors Day®Foundation sponsors the yearly event and encourages local communities to participate through motivational speeches, parades, health fairs, awareness walks, block parties and more.

Right at Home would like to recognize the tenacious cancer survivors and their caring family and friends who are part of our Right at Home client and caregiver family. If you or your loved one is a cancer survivor, we would like to share your encouraging story with others. Together, we can continue to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors and the enjoyment of more good days ahead.

For additional resources on cancer, contact the American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute or call 1-800-4-CANCER.

What inspiring stories of cancer survival would you like to share?

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An award-winning journalist who has documented stories in nearly 20 countries, Beth Lueders is an author, writer and speaker who frequently reports on diverse topics, including aging and health issues for both U.S. and international corporations.

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