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seated couple receiving health diagnosis

Coping With a Life-Changing Diagnosis

When receiving a new diagnosis, the steps you take now can affect your well-being as you move forward. We have tips to help.

senior receiving hospice care from caregiver

5 Things You May Not Know About Hospice

In addition to providing medical care to alleviate pain and provide as much comfort as possible, here are five benefits hospice care offers that many people may not know about.

caregiver and senior exercising with hand weights

4 Ways to Fight Bone Loss as You Age

Although there will be some natural bone density loss with age, the right preventive measures can keep your bones healthy and strong throughout your lifetime.

group of energetic seniors

We Can All Help Overcome Ageism

Discover the impact of ageism and how you can help eliminate this detrimental practice against older adults.

senior woman and daughter at doctor consultation

A To-Do List for This Stage of the Pandemic

Many older adults have put off tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic. See what items should be on your to-do list so you can get back on track.